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Mini Monday – Cute Little Thing

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Meet Roseann of Cute Little Thing   :

“Do what you loved to do when you were 8 years old, for that is your true passion!”

Well, here I am, in my 40th year, doing just that, creating, making, playing, imagining, and oh how much fun it is! It is in this year that my daughter, my true teacher, turns 8.

This is no accident. So it is in her 8th year and my 40th that we share this wonderful thing called life in an abundant, grateful and creative way. In the exact same moment she rolls out of bed she starts to create something.

I look at her and say “she’s got something there” So I let the dishes pile in the sink and the leave the dust bunnies in their secret hiding places and create. I dedicate all my work to my daughter, who has changed my life forever and has opened my eyes to living a healthier, more natural life

Each handmade “cute little thing” is lovingly made with care and natural materials.  All stuffed “things” are all double sewn for the best quality and are firmly stuffed with 100% sheep’s *Eco-wool* which retains a lovely warmth of one who holds it.

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6 thoughts on “Mini Monday – Cute Little Thing

  1. What a sweet little shop!

  2. Wonderful awesome shop!!

  3. Roseann – you are so talented and have such lovely items!

  4. great entertainment for kids.

  5. What a wonderful quote! Words of wisdom to live by…

  6. Thanks all, come by my shop any time 🙂

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