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Mini Monday: German Dolls

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This morning’s Mini Monday focusses on one of our dollmakers. You may have seen her doll at the top of the Storque on Saturday being clutched by a shiny, smiling child. Learn more about Ulla!

I was born in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. (Try and pronounce that if you can hahaha). Lived and studied in Berlin (WEST) Germany. Worked in a gallery there. Helped to take the Wall down in 1989!

Moved to Colorado in 1995. Worked in a Gallery and painted in oils for a while. Some print media too.

Started making dolls in 2001 and never stopped…I started making dolls when I had children. I was afraid they would grow up without the same homemade toys that I grew up around. My mother was a great seamstress. Sadly she passed away from cancer in 2004 and my world has not been the same since. I miss her and see sewing as a way to stay connected to her, my homecountry, and German culture.

5 thoughts on “Mini Monday: German Dolls

  1. Wonderful mini Monday! I love those sweet dollies.

  2. Beautiful dolls German! (Ulla) :0) I love the Asian doll in your store, she is so precious. I would love to hear more about your up-bringing and your time in Germany and what helps you stay connected to your home country. It sounds lovely!

  3. Such wonderful dolls, they’re all so cuddly!

  4. Awe, thanks friends! I am speachless. I thank you so much for featuring me in this miniMonday series. I have an idea that the second half of this year is going to be very busy for our little group…
    Thanks for all the LOVE! Ulla

  5. Wonderful dolls! Please email me in November to remind me to purchase one for my wife (she collects dolls). We lived in KH for 5 years (85-90) and loved it!
    Auf wieder-PCin’

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