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Mini Monday – LaLaShoes

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Meet Daria of LaLaShoes :

I’m an industrial designer (BDes) with a past in the newspaper and several advertising agencies as an art director – also, during that time I worked on various other things such as set design, paper production, children art education, and many more, big and small. I enjoy working with paper, wood, textiles and all kinds of natural materials.

Here you can find healthy and comfortable soft sole shoes for infants, babies & toddlers and room shoes for girls & women. Designing carefully and then producing something with your own hands is the best feeling in the world!

As pediatricians suggest, babies need to walk in soft-soled footwear for better muscle and balance development. I combined this need with my love for designing and sewing & the love for natural materials and healthy living – I started LaLa! Shoes. I just have a few rules – I work only with 100% wool felt* (all Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified) and 100% linen, I want my shoes to be comfortable and healthy and I want them to look good! In other words, I want to put all my efforts in something I believe in, I’ll be proud of and which I enjoy to do.!

(Daria is fluent in Croatian, Italian, English, Slovenian, and reading -loving & learning!- some French )

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8 thoughts on “Mini Monday – LaLaShoes

  1. Love your work – and your photos are tremendously beautiful too.

    Soft soled shoes in all-natural materials… what could be more delightful?

  2. I absolutely love your shoes!! Clean lines and vivid colors, what a great combination!

  3. I was feeling wistful that my girl was too big for the baby shoes, and am glad to see that there are "room shoes" for older girls and women.

  4. What sweet little shoes!!! Just adorable!
    Blessing and magic,

  5. How precious! I bet they feel wonderful on your tootsies too:)

  6. Wow! I was so busy yesterday that I missed it completely!!
    Thank you so much to all of you!! I'm completely overwhelmed! :))

  7. hmmmmm and shoes for adults too…………..


  8. Love, Love These shoes and love that she makes them for women too!
    So Sweet, so pretty!

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