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Mini Monday – Merrydale Dolls

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Meet Chris of Merrydale Dolls:

My name is Chris and I am Merrydale’s one and only designer and maker of dolls. I am originally from Yorkshire, England, and have also lived in Moravia, Czech Republic. In both places there is a strong tradition of folk lore and arts and crafts. I now live in Toronto, which is a city enriched by the cultural diversity of its inhabitants.

I love making dolls and sending them out into the world to become good companions for the children they meet.

The simple dolls I make are inspired by the ancient tradition of dollmaking from many cultures around the world, as well as the Waldorf/Steiner Schools tradition. I am grateful to the parents at the Waldorf school (where my sons, now grown-up, attended kindergarten and early grades) for passing on to me techniques of dollmaking.

I believe that the toys we give to our children should nourish their imaginations. I want children to create by themselves in their play, so my dolls’ features have only a suggestion of character. The facial expressions will change in the imagination of the child.

My favourite book about a dollmaker is “Goldie the Dollmaker” by M.B. Goffstein.

4 thoughts on “Mini Monday – Merrydale Dolls

  1. Its so great to know more about the people behind such wonderful work. Such beautiful dolls!

  2. Thank you, dear Chris, for your invitation into your beautiful, tender and gentle world of children's dreams! I love it so much!
    Leos, Kuwait.

  3. Great interview! Nice to find out mroe stuff about you. Often we think we know people but we really dont know much about them. Love your dolls!

  4. Love your dolls! Your mountain pony is my favorite! : )

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