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Mini Monday: oritdotandolls

Meet Orit of oritdotandolls who works magic with wool and makes beautiful waldorf toys!
From Orit’s Profile:
“I am a Waldorf handwork teacher, dolls artist and art therapist. I teach and create with soft natural materials in methods of sewing, knitting needle felting,weaving, wet felting and wool painting.
From time to time I create with harder materials as leather and stone.
I used to teach in Waldorf schools and in seminar for training Waldorf teachers, lately I open a private school and I am working with young teachers, children, mothers and grandmothers.
As a teacher I believe I have to be the example of how to create so I practice every single item I teach to create.
In this way teaching and creating handworks and arts in the light of Waldorf education are my inner development and my occupation too.”

7 thoughts on “Mini Monday: oritdotandolls

  1. Hooray for Orit! ^_^ Great feature. ^_^


  2. What a surprise,
    Thank you so much for featuring me.

  3. Hi,
    Cause your blog is an inspiration and a lovely way to show natural toys, i’ve nominated Natural Kids.
    On my blog you’ll find the award.


  4. Thanks Karoeza for the love award! Yay for Orit! You have some beeeautiful items!

  5. So sweet! Hooray for Orit!

  6. Beautiful Orit, very lovley!

  7. your work is lovely Orit 🙂

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