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Mini Monday – Princess Nimble-Thimble

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Meet Dannielle of Princess Nimble-Thimble :

I live in St. Louis, MO, with my husband and two children. We’re a homeschooling family so my focus tends to be on my children. Creating dolls and toys is, for me, a very natural extension of this focus.

Each Bendy Doll has its own unique personality and is made with careful attention
to detail and a bias toward natural materials. While they may look delicate, bendy dolls are very sturdy. I double wrap their hands, feet, and legs for added strength and durability. I think you will agree that they are very well made.

You can follow Princess Nimble-Thimble here:

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6 thoughts on “Mini Monday – Princess Nimble-Thimble

  1. I have my very own Princess Nimble Thimble bendy doll. She sits on my desk and plays with things like erasers all day long. She also really likes it when I play music so she can dance (she is a hippie girl, after all).

  2. We love all our Princess dolls, I convince myself they are for the kids or are a write off since I use them in my photos. BUT truth be told they are for me!
    Don't tell the tax man LOL

  3. I love these sweet little dolls!

  4. Had never seen them til today. How cute! Will bookmark your page. Thanks, Jaelyn:

  5. I need to get some of these – I have been admiring them for so long. they are so cute.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  6. i cannot wait until my 9mo is old enough for these! hr's inherited big brother's wooden castle and pirate ship – both in need of many a bendy doll!

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