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Mini Wednesday – Beneath The Rowan Tree


Meet  Lori of  Beneath The Rowan Tree:

BTRT is a family team of myself (Lori), my husband Andy and our inspiring, exasperating just-turned 5 year old Rowan. We share our home with two young terrors/ dogs: Archie the Sheltie and Hooligan the aptly named Brittany.

Andy works in our family print shop, Rowan goes to school, I work full time out of the home… and then we all gather back in to where our house is a mess, our dogs are nuts, my hands are dye stained and we are all happy creating, telling stories and doing what we love here in our small town, in our little home by the lake!

At BTRT you will find quality handcrafted items made with natural materials. Our toys are made in the Waldorf tradition of simple, child-led, open-ended toys from nature that inspire imagination.

You can also find Lori’s blog: and at her new second shop:

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One thought on “Mini Wednesday – Beneath The Rowan Tree

  1. I was visiting a dear friend in Karlsruhe DE last March and can absolutely understand your missing the BREAD!! Absolutely delicious, as were the different sausages. Oh my!!

    Thank you for sharing so much in your blog.

    Gentle as you go,
    in southern California

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