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Mini Wednesday – Eve’s Little Earthlings


Meet Eve of Eve’s Little Earthlings:

I can’t stop making stuff! I was originally trained as a potter and worked at that craft for 15 years. I started sewing and creating different animals for my children to play with. From a simple bunny pattern that I found in a book, I began designing my own little animals. Each one has its own unique appearance. My favorite part of the process is adding the eyes and nose, which just seems to bring the creatures to life. Every year I add a few more species to my repertoire.
My kids are teenagers now, but I am still sewing and stuffing!

All of Eve’s Little Earthlings creations are made with repurposed materials whenever possible. They are all stuffed with wool fleece. I use only 100% felted wool fabric for the bodies of my animals unless otherwise stated.It is a fun challenge hunting down the perfect used sweaters for my creations!

Although I am new to Etsy, I have been designing, making and selling Little Earthlings for over 10 years. I derrive my inspiration for my pillows and cozies from the beautiful trees I see while walking my dog. Pillows are made from repurposed sweaters…some are cotton or blended materials. When I’m not sewing, I’m doing mom stuff or working in our large urban garden.

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2 thoughts on “Mini Wednesday – Eve’s Little Earthlings

  1. LOVE Eve's shop! That tree stump pillow is my favorite!

  2. Hey, I didn't know I was being featured! Thanks, but I didn't post those bears until Thursday, so I feel slightly confused.

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