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Mini Wednesday – Fair Trade Family

Mini Mondays have just moved! Come visit the Natural Kids Team blog every Wednesday to meet another wonderful team member.

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Meet Tiffany of Fair Trade Family:

Four active boys with me all the time. Virtual Schooling and Dog Training. Stocking my Etsy Store and Hyenacart. Twittering and Facebooking. Joining Teams and Checking Google Analytics. Posting to Forums and Admiring Hearts. Crafting and Journaling. Studying and Keeping up with Friends. Housecleaning and Church Activities. Blogging and Flickring. Training to be the last to the finish for the third year running at the Whisky Row Half Marathon. Sometimes I feel worn out before noon.

But, I would never trade this life. I make conscious choices every single day to not only seek out replenishing positive influences, but to BE a positive replenishing influence in the lives of others.

Fair Trade Family offers a wide variety of cotton and wool play foods for your child’s play kitchen or market or for imaginative fun anytime, including fruits, vegetables, ethnic foods, and sweets!
You can visit with Tiffany more here:

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6 thoughts on “Mini Wednesday – Fair Trade Family

  1. We love Fair Trade Family! My little ones have several of their crochet food items – they are so beautiful and well-made. Love love love them!

  2. I am so glad to have found you! Thank you Natural Kids Team 🙂

  3. such sweet, all-natural play food!!

  4. So cute, I love the play foods!

  5. I just love all the playfood! Very sweet!

  6. Wow! This is one busy mom/artist!
    loved getting to know a little more about the life behind the creator of such wonderful toys.

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