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Mini Wednesday – Fee Vertelaine


Meet Julie of Fee Vertelaine    :

I have always enjoyed creating. It is my passion, my hobby…it is a part of me, a joy! Through my creations a piece of my soul is revealed.  I’m a mother of one daughter, so you can imagine that the first doll that I did was for her…and now guess what happen? I couldn’t stop…I had to make more. I just love to create them!

I love nature and am a gardener too! Creating and gardening is my balance…one keeps me grounded… the other leaves room for my imagination. Before, I was a fashion designer for children and now I cultivate the earth and dress dolls. My need to create is nourished when I make these natural toys. While bringing them to life I always keep in mind that the children who will receive them will be filled with love and joy.

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3 thoughts on “Mini Wednesday – Fee Vertelaine

  1. The little elfs with traveling houses are so cute! What a great idea 😉

  2. I love those little houses too!

  3. Join our Toy Traveling group! Add your photos, new friends, share experiences! Welcome to TOYHOP!

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