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Mini Wednesday – Poverty Jane


Meet Kate of Poverty Jane:

I am a full time, work at home mama to 6 (soon to be 7!) very beautiful and spirited children. I often find the time during my busy day, 10 minutes here and there to devote my energy to sewing and crafting. I grow my own food, harvest eggs from our happy chickens, hang our laundry to dry, use a wood stove to maintain heat within our 150 year old barn dwelling, solar and wind power, all sustainable living.

I’ve been sewing, very seriously, for about 10 years, this year. Most of my sewing skills were taught by my husbands mother, from England. She lived during a time when there was great depression in her country, WWII. She has been sewing, professionally, for over 40 years in many factories and owns her sewing business.

My grandmother also sewed during the American Great Depression to make things the family needed. She too, was a professional seamstress and all she knew, she passed along to me. She sewed for about 55 years before she passed away. Thanks to both of these woman, I can do what I’m doing today.

I make all of my items as if my entire soul was born within it. When I sew, I am completely in the moment of sewing. It is one of the most spiritual practices I exercise. I make cloth diaper for my own babies and do not believe in vinyl covers or any synthetics personally, though I respect others opposite feelings on this. In fact, I use the very diapers I sell on my babies. I know personally that they are made well and work efficiently and effectively as possible. Any and all materials used to cloth diaper baby or child, is made with natural, permeable fibers so air can flow between baby and diaper. I also make felted wool diaper covers in many different sizes.

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2 thoughts on “Mini Wednesday – Poverty Jane

  1. Very cute stuff! Nice to get to know you better~ :o)

  2. I read in an old Adirondack Life that Poverty Jane found her name on an apple crate. I hate to tell her this, but I think the name on the crate was really Poverty Lane. It’s a well known apple orchard in Lebanon, NH. Named after the road it’s on. They even have a website.

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