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Mini Wednesday – Rjabinnik


Meet  Rene of  Rjabinnik  :

My name is Rene Kvicala.I’m really proud husband to Renata, known here on Etsy as Rounien. We live on a farm grouped house in Menik, small Moravian village (Czech Republic, European Union).

We’ve left university studies and the city life and moved there 6 years ago. Since this time we’ve been always self-employers living upon own hands work with respect to crafts, reach folk history, traditions and craftsmanship of our country. There is a plenty of old sources we have studied and many beautiful places we used to work at…

My wife is really in love with felt, she infills our lives completely with tenderness and fleeciness. As creative spirits circumfuse our whole life round all the time, I couldn’t stand by anymore and decided to start my own creation and work with my most favourite and friendly material – wood.

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4 thoughts on “Mini Wednesday – Rjabinnik

  1. I just love your work!! It's so beautifull…I just ordered some pieces to add on my nature table…..ooohh I'm excited 🙂

  2. I absolutely adore his work. My daughter has 2 dolls with more on the way. He is also a wonderful man to work with!!! I highly recommend buying any of his beautiful creations.

  3. I love your dolls! they are so pretty! I ordered a whole bunch for my daughters birthday!

  4. I have a gnome made by Rjabinnik – so unique and beautiful. There is a wonderful wistful quality to his work – fantastic. 🙂

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