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Mini Wednesday – The Violet Sparrow


Meet Alisa of The Violet Sparrow   :

My shop is filled with goods inspired by the treasures I make for and with my children. As a Waldorf-inspired homeschooling family, we are constantly creating our own playthings, dolls, and beautiful things for our home and nature table. This is reflected in my shop as I can’t seem to choose just one thing to make! I have so many passions and ideas and when I get inspired I have to get to work!

My shop is named after my two saanen dairy goats, Violet and Sparrow. I intended to start an etsy shop where I would sell my handmade cold-processed goat milk soap. I milk our goats for our family’s dairy supply, and started making soap about a year ago. Eventually I will list my soaps for sale here, but for now I am having too much fun creating beautiful and fun, waldorf inspired goods.

With a few closets filled with felted wool sweaters, a girl looks around and wonders, hmm, what are the possibilities here? What can I create from all of this wonderful material? I love the process and challenge of finding items others have deemed useless, and upcycling them into beautiful things. Good for the planet, good for my children, good for all….

My background: I am a WAHM to 3 homeschooled children–schooling in Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf method, and a wildlife biologist with a history in endangered species conservation and public education. I have always been artistic; my creative background is in painting – in the past I have painted functional and decorative goods and furniture for area shops, as well as wildlife and pet portraits! I also have aspirations to open up a watercolor and mixed media section of my shop that is reflective of my love of birds. Opening my shop was a natural flow since discovering Waldorf education, which is rich in handwork and fiber arts.

When the oil spill tragedy occured in the Gulf last year, I went headlong into an anti-oil, anti-plastics campaign, and decided to open an etsy shop. After all, my youngest daughter was going to be 3 soon, so I was able to find a little extra time.

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