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Natural Family Living

Sitting outside today, I found myself wondering what I would write about natural family living. My fingers sifted through the soil, I was planting seeds with my children. Our baby Orion toddled around in the grass while his brother picked up rocks and drove them around in his dump truck. My daughters squabbled mildly over who would do what and when with the pots and soil and seeds and all the while the sun shone down on us and the sweet smelling breeze tickled your neck – one of those beautiful Oregon spring days. I realized then, sitting on a mound of earth with my children and enjoying a moment in nature with my family, that this was exactly the kind of living I was grasping at straws to write a story about. The things that we do, those small choices that we make in our own little families are what create the communities that we are a part of. Connecting with the earth and making natural and sustainable choices is part of a daily impact that we make. The way that we spend our time and what we choose to set as an example is in our behavior. I know that every time I wrap Orion in a soft cloth diaper instead of a crinkly plastic ‘disposable’ I am teaching natural family living: instilling the value by living the choice. From the smallest seed to the biggest tree, choosing to live naturally is a way of life and every decision we make adds up to a whole lot for our own family, the community that we are connected to, the future of our children and of our earth. Every touch of a natural fiber educates us, it acclimates us to what is acceptable to be around us. So every time we expose a child to a wooden truck instead of a plastic car, a wool felted ball or a soft cloth doll, we are teaching a valuable lesson in living naturally. Hopefully by these small choices and changes we will continue to create healthy families and a healthy planet for them to live in and that is natural family living at it’s best. Many Blessings Families, Alyssa of Codilollyskye

5 thoughts on “Natural Family Living

  1. very sweet article. thanks Alyssa, those are some really cute kids as well!

  2. Great writing! I must say there are a lot of people outthere, who just follow the crowd/ stampede…. Luckily we chose Natural….!!!!

  3. I love the image I see when reading this post, Alyssa! So, so lovely.

  4. Great post! It is the simple moments that matter. Thanks for sharing! Lovely pictures, too!

  5. thanks for putting into words the feelings so many of us have. It is so helpful to know that even when sometimes in our daily lives we feel surrounded by people that dont’ make the same kinds of decisions that we do, that we do still have a community, and we can find our friends here.

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