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Nature Table, Adding Nature

I like to change our Nature Table each week. It is so important during the long winter days that the children have something to look forward to at the beginning of the week. Sometimes it may be to bring out a few new items to add to the table or it could be a complete change of scenery. This week I did a more natural look to the table with our little bears coming out of their stacker den.

Another thing that we love to do is add bits of nature to our scenes. The boys have been gathering items from our yard to add to the table. Before we moved to the country we use to go to a large park that had nature trails to collect our items. We added to our basket sticks, rocks, pine cones, and pine branches.

The kids love to get on the floor and just play with these or add them to the table. Many times I find them just sorting the natural items into piles, sometimes by item, sometimes by size. Kids just really love to touch and feel thing from nature, it “grounds” their spirit!

Here is our final table this week the kids have added a few of each of the items even using the pine branch as a tree. I hope you have enjoyed our table this week and will share with us a link to your blog showing your winter table or a favorite memory.

Article by Beccijo, The Enchanted Cupboard

Need some new items to add to your winter Nature Table check out these items:


7 thoughts on “Nature Table, Adding Nature

  1. Great post…and that bunny cooking marshmallows is adorable!!

  2. Beautiful nature table! Uh Oh is it time for bears to come out of their dens?? Better watch out! They're hungry!

  3. puts me in the mood to grab a basket, head out and see what I can find.

  4. Oh so cute- hours of entertainment and happy memories! Lovely to meet you!

  5. My nature table could use a little warmth… must go make a felt fire for it; thanks for the great ideas!

  6. Thanks for the great pictures and sharing your nature table this week! Love that bunny, too!

  7. Love the little bears! The wonders of nature…sticks, rocks, pinecones….combined with imagination = hours of fun! Thanks for sharing.

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