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Nature Table, The Mess of It All

Everything gets a little messy from time to time even our beloved Nature Table. Sticky hands and messy play can do a little damage but never fear all can be cleaned. With a little care your natural toys will last many lifetimes.

Unfinished Wooden Toys:
Regular care: Clean with a damp sponge, but do not soak unfinished wooden toys as they will absorb water. Alternatively, wipe gently with a cotton ball moistened with rubbing alcohol. Wood needs to have its natural moisture replenished in order to prevent it from drying out, warping or cracking. The best way to keep your wooden toys hydrated and well-nourished is with a natural oil or wax, like plain mineral oil or beeswax polish. Periodically rubbing with oil or beeswax will help refresh the wood and provide some protection.

Stains/Discolorations: Fine-grade sandpaper may be used to remove any discolorations/stains (from food, crayons, markers, etc.).

Water Damage: Fine-grade sandpaper may be used to restore the toy to its desired smoothness if the toy has been exposed to water and become rough.

Finished/Painted Wooden Toys:
Regular Care: Wash gently and quickly with soap and water. Please do not soak them.
Stains/Discolorations: Spray and wipe with a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water.
 Play silks
 Recommended care: Hand or delicate cycle cold wash, hang or air dry.
 Felted toys
Care: Spot clean with a damp sponge do not soak in water.  Best kept indoors.

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Article by Beccijo, The Enchanted Cupboard

5 thoughts on “Nature Table, The Mess of It All

  1. Great tips! Thanks


  2. More cute ideas – I always love to check out your blog. 🙂

    I'm a fellow blogger and I have a little award for you. Check out my next post at Enjoy!

  3. Thanks so much for posting this! I think some people are really worried that natural toys might break when cleaned. Actually they hold up really nicely! In the long run they outlast plastic toys by generations! Awesome post!

  4. There is a great blog post by Ruprecht on how to wash Dolls :

  5. I love to add some spring flower bulb (tulips, daffodil, jacynthe..) on my nature table…smell so good and to watch them bloom is so much fun!!!

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