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Needs Improvement

Please, forgive me folks for not doing my job of posting yesterday. I had me a little bit of personal trouble and had to get surgery. Not a big deal. I hope. You can read about it on my blog. What I really wanted to write about this week was sewing machines. But that post will have to wait until next week. I am still a tad sore and whacked out from the painkillers they gave me.

So I just wanted to talk a bit about my latest project: How to improve your product pictures. The topic came up in a recent shop critique of my store by the NaturalKids team. I was kind of down about slow sales. One item on the “could be improved list”  that came up was my photos. When you sell products online – it’s really crucial that your photos are top-notch.

Since it’s not in my budget right now to take a photography class or purchase a new camera, I started looking around on the internet for some advice. I found a great article on outdoor photography here.

One lesson I learned this week is that time of day really matters when taking your photos. Early morning hours on an overcast day in Colorado showed some first promising results. I will keep experimenting with the lighting and timing of my photos.

If you have any more lighting tips please feel free to leave a comment.

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