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As Fall turns to Winter and the Holidays are upon us, it is special and  busy time of year. There is the rustle of falling leaves on the ground, the color of pumpkins and dried corn and the wondrous smell of pumpkin and apple pie in the kitchen! Then come the wafts of balsam and douglas fir, apple cider and the sound of the crackling fireplace.  It is also a fun filled time of making things with harvest from the garden and  the woods.

A delightful project for family and friend!

One of our families favorite projects is making ornaments from pine cones and acorns and colored leaves. There is a great many variations on the basic theme and from year to year they take on new appearance and personality. Along with the ornaments we make pomanders, and garlands from pinecones, acorns, leaves, cranberries and anything else we find that we like.


Abundant in Autumn on many oak trees, we use these for wings and hats on ornaments



These are abundant this year and work very well for fairy and gnome bodies for ornaments

    Please follow this link  for a fun pinecone fairy tutorial to make with family or friends to enjoy this season.

Here are some variations with type of cone and hats for the ornaments



  1. I love seeing the different type of pine cones and acorns you have there. beautiful ornaments.

  2. Those are so lovely! We made some last weekend and the kids love them!

  3. These are so cute! I need to go on a pinecone hunt around the holidays. . .

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