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The Prettiest Easter Eggs Tutorial

This week’s How-To is Prettiest Easter Eggs Tutorial is by Donni, from Fairyfolk from the Natural Kids Team. This is a really straight-forward way to decorate eggs and it is so beautiful! You can blow the eggs (link below) for longer lasting eggs or you could do what our family does each year, which is hard boil the eggs and hide them outside in the wee hours of the morning for an Easter Egg Breakfast Hunt (along with chocolate, of course!).

The Prettiest Easter Eggs:

We have been making beautiful heirloom eggs to decorate our home for Easter. This craft makes such pretty eggs… we used transfers to color our eggs beautifully.

All we needed was white blown egg shells (tutorial on how to safely do this is here) and transfers that we found at a craft store… both the rub-on’s and the transfers that need to be dampened with a wet cloth will work.
Kitty and Teddy chose which images they wanted for their eggs and cut neatly around the edges.
We used rub-on’s and they worked wonderfully, sticking nicely to the naturally porous egg shells
It was a gift to watch the delight on my children’s faces as their eggs got prettier and prettier.

Happy Easter crafting!
Blessings and magic,

This tutorial is brought to you by Natalie, of Woolhalla

Please visit Donni at her blog The Magic Onions where you can see the original post, plus other great Easter tutorials and share the “magical journey of childhood with us”

Check out her Etsy shop Fairyfolk where you find beautiful needle felted items, including lots of cute animals, toadstools and acorns.

2 thoughts on “The Prettiest Easter Eggs Tutorial

  1. They look great! and it seems like something you can do fairly quickly during a busy week…

  2. These are lovely looking eggs. Thank you for the tutorial.

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