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Quilting for Love

A few weeks ago my friend Julie published an article on the NaturalKids Team blog that reminded me of an article I have wanted to write for a while. Julie’s beautiful article Knitting a Community talked about a group of women who meet for knitting.

Like many a church in this Nation my church has a quilting group. They have been meeting on Friday mornings for 30 years. These amazing ladies – plus a men or two in hiding – have made hundreds of quilts to give away to the homeless and raise money for charity.

 I first met the group when my son started preschool at Our Savior’s Lutheran. After dropping off my son at preschool I’d enter the Fireside room where the women meet to quilt. There are different stations set up. Each person knows exactly what their job is for the day. One helper cuts the squares, another one arranges them, the next person in line sews strips together, yet another puts the strips together to complete the quilt tops, another person arranges the layers and pins them together for tying. It’s a regular little quilt factory.

What has always impressed me is the high age of some of the quilting group members. Most of them are in their 70s and up…The oldest member is 104 years old. She doesn’t come often any more since getting around is harder these days. But she still quilts at home and brings in her work.

All quilts are made from donated fabrics. The quilt backings are made from recycled sheets. The tops are made from mix- and matched colorful fabrics that church members have left over from projects at home. The quilts are not fancy. They are simple pieces of fabric sewn together and then tied. They are not objects of art to be displayed on a wall or as a fancy bed spread.

I was able to purchase one of the quilts at a fundraising event a few summers ago. It lives on our sofa where it serves us as a cover for day time naps or as a comfort blanket when someone in the family gets ill. To me it is a daily reminder of what love can do. I like to think that there may be a homeless person or some kid in Mexico or Africa who has received a similar quilt made from similar fabrics. The circumstance of such a person may be so different from my own – yet we are bound together by the loving stitches of these lovely ladies from my church.

I have often wanted to join this group but our lives get so busy. First having little kids home kept me from going. These days I am always so busy writing and working on my doll business. I have never made a quilt except for a little doll quilt once. Hopefully I’ll be able to join the group before I hit my 70s. It’s never too late, right?

This year the group was honored for all their hard work with a special party. Check out the beautiful cake with the quilt pattern someone made. It was so pretty one hardly wanted to eat it.

4 thoughts on “Quilting for Love

  1. Very inspiring! My mom leads a similar group at her church and they donate their blankets to those who are homeless as well as those in domestic violence situations since many of the women and children quickly leave home and do not have much – if anything – with them when they enter the shelter. They also make children’s blankets and include a stuffed animal with them. The quilted cake is beautiful!

  2. Beautiful, Ulla! It’s so inspiring how common handcrafts bring us together. And I love the fact that they are quilting for charity. Just inspiring!

  3. I really like the idea with the children’s blankets and stuffed animals. Maybe when I join I can suggest it. =)

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