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Less is More

For several reasons, this year’s Christmas is very different from many previous Christmases  in our home. Mostly, the changes are all very good ones. For instance, this year I broke that ugly plastic tree that my husband loves. Eewh!



Just before he came home from work, Arlo and I managed to replace it with a real tree before my husband could suggest fixing the plastic one. I often blog about Arlo and I getting into what I like to call Crafting Deviance. I love that kid. He is sooo my accomplice in masterminding a new route for our family to venture upon.


The littlest children have begun their first year with the Waldorf program. So much of our time was spent outdoors foraging for nature items for Christmas. We kept the decorating very simple and that was different from our over the top expeditions from Christmases past. It was wonderful to see their perspectives and talking about what Christmas means to them.

-the gathering…

-the selected nature items on our table….

-the simplicity and sheer beauty of it all…

-the love and togetherness shared…

-the silence and witness of the Christmas presence…

I’m very grateful for having the incentive too focus on the things that make Christmas most special. Family and togetherness can be best accomplished without spending any money. This year, everything changed because we had no money to spend. Many might see that as a negative, I see it as our opportunity to grow and change, and I thank the Universe for that spiritual lesson.

Its really the simple things that make Christmas so special indeed!

Merry Solstice and Happy Christmas to all of you, from the Smith Tribe.




6 thoughts on “Less is More

  1. I love the kids’ nature collections! Beautiful.

  2. love the bird’s eye view shot.

  3. Great photos and well said!

  4. So true <3

  5. After decorations Christmas tree look so beautiful.This is the simple but colorful decorations on the tree.It look so fabulous.

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