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Saturday Giveaway – Lavender Dolls from Fairies Nest

Cynthia Toy, from The Fairies’ Nest is offering a beautiful pair of handmade lavender dolls.
She has been a doll maker for about 20 years and her dollmaking developed from an acute fiber addiction that she inherited from her mom; plus an overactive imagination, reading lots of fantasy, 3 sons, and from just loving to play with dolls!
Each of her dolls requires many hours to make as Cynthia designs and creates each doll completely from her own imagination. Many of the dolls are made from the inside out without patterns and each face is carefully drawn and painted by hand using no patterns or stencils. Because of this, no two dolls are EVER exactly alike, they are all one of a kind; like people, each has its own distinct personality.

To win this beautiful pair of lavender dolls from The Fairies’ Nest, please visit her shop and then leave a comment here about what you like best.
To be entered a second time blog about the giveaway (leave another comment).
To be entered a third time, facebook or twitter it! (be sure to leave another comment)
The drawing will be held Friday, August 27, at 7:00 pm EST.

62 thoughts on “Saturday Giveaway – Lavender Dolls from Fairies Nest

  1. All her creations are nice, but I adore the Fall Pixie.

  2. yes…i agree, the fall pixie is darling. i love the lavender dolls ! xx

  3. Chili Pepper Fairy. That is amazing. My oldest daughter who is 13, not wants on for her upcoming birthday. Beautiful site. thanx

  4. I love Cynthia's beautiful creations.
    My favorite is Maeve The Fall Fairy Queen!! She is so beautiful. I love her eyes!!!

  5. The Autumn Harper is just amazing!

  6. Choose one. OK, the tiny acorn pin doll. I bet everyone you met would ask you about it, if you were wearing it. Lovely giveaway.

  7. My favorite is definitly Maeve The Fall Fairy Queen, so beautiful!

  8. SHe has the most beautiful dolls in her shop. We are thrilled to have 3 of her lavendar dolls in our home, we play with them and enjoy them each day.

    What a great giveaway!

    I love the fall fairy queen, it's so hard to choose a favorite.

  9. Beautiful dolls! The Autumn Harpist in her shop reminds me of the girl gelfling from The Dark Crystal.

  10. I love the Lavender dolls, perfect for a younger child to carry around.

  11. i adore her fairies!!! i have oogled them for some time now. the fall fairy queen is stunning. i have a soft spot for her bunnies, too. thanks for the opportunity to win some of her cuties! 😉

  12. I love the Star Baby Pins..adorable!

  13. my favoutites are the autumn colour lavender babies at the bottom of the page…. just so exquisitely made with such care and attention to detail…. I've never seen anything like them before, but then I say that every time I look in an etsy shop!! Mymind is on autumn right now too…. Jen x

  14. I love them all! The acorn pin and the mini fairy set are more top 2.

  15. I facebooked it!

  16. I love the doll A Little Forest Gnomeling. I can just imagine my little girl playing with it. All the dolls are gorgeous. Great giveaway!

  17. The little forest gnomeling is my favourite! What a great giveaway! Somebody is going to be a lucky lucky winner!!!
    xo maureen

  18. The girl bunny doll is adorable!

  19. My favorite is the Fairy Queen 🙂

  20. I love the Merfae! Very neat looking!

  21. The girl bunny doll is precious! What detail goes into these is facinating!


  22. I love her work! My favorite thing in her shop is A Little Pink Gnomeling.

  23. I've shared this on facebook.

  24. beautiful treat for the change of season!

  25. What a hard choice to make! But I think I'd just have to have "A Little Forest Gnomeling" — we love gnomes and mushrooms here!!
    Thanks for a terrific giveaway!

  26. I definitely like the garden Waldorf babies set best. They are adorable!

  27. OOAK Art Doll Maeve The Fall Fairy Queen is an absolutely GORGEOUS doll. I love her.

  28. Chili Pepper Fairy Art Doll is so wonderful! I wish I had the talent and patience to make such lovely dolls!If only I knew someone who could show me.Everything in the shop is just darling.I hope I win!

  29. MY favorites are actually the various lavender babies like the ones in the give away.

  30. The gnomeling is my favorite.

  31. FBooked it.

  32. I am quite enchanted with her dollhouse critters like the little bunny doll.

    I also retweeted her announcement and posted it on my personal facebook profile.

  33. I love the girl bunny doll. I'm crazy about her silky pink ears 🙂

  34. Maeve the Fall Fairy Queen is gorgeous and one of my favorite of all of Cynthia's beautiful creations she posts on her blog. Of course, I am completely biased as I love Autumn and all of its sumptuous colors!

  35. I love those tiny Waldorf dolls. They are just darling.

  36. Hi The fall fairy queen is so beautiful, cheers Marie

  37. I actually really love the prize ones, but in the shop my fave is the Fall Pixie

  38. Who wouldnt what to win these lovely little dolls….and im liking Autumn Harpe x

  39. I think I'm smitten with A Little Pink Gnomeling.

    Such aristry, these…

  40. The upcycled bunny is beautiful, and I think if I don't win, I will try to make one myself out of the sack of felted sweaters I have.

  41. I love the faces. They are so delicate and knowing.

  42. I love the star baby pins. Adorable!

  43. These are adorable!

  44. I love Maeve The Fall Fairy Queen and the tiny purple gnome doll.

  45. Oh, so difficult to pick a favorite as all of her creations are so lovely. But if pressed I would have to pick the little "gnomeling" as he is just way too adorable.

  46. Well, that's hard to decide, but I love the Pixie and the Pins (both star and doll). Cool stuff. I love Waldorf-style dolls.

  47. A Fairy Queen?? Come on – my girls would LOVE this stuff!! Thanks for the chance 🙂
    rach62803 at yahoo dot com

  48. The Lavender Babies are so sweet. While the Fall Pixie is stunning (I cannot even begin to imagine how she created that), the Lavender Babies remind me of the little kiddles I had and loved when I was a little kiddle myself – only those were plastic – oh to have had these wee ones.

  49. It's hard to choose a favorite but I think I best like the Tiny Acorn Pin Doll and then the girl bunny doll. Very inspiring!

  50. Oh my gosh, so hard to pick just one! Her dolls have such personality, and the sweetest expressions! mmmmm…ok, Maeve The Fall Fairy Queen is simply gorgeous! Beautiful crafstmanship and heart!

  51. I love the OOAK Art Doll Maeve The Fall Fairy Queen!

  52. Everything is just beautiful, but I think these sweet lavender dolls are my favorites!

  53. The bunny. I'm not even being specific because I have my eye on that bunny……but then again my favs change like the wind in fairiesnest shop! keeping fingers crossed!

  54. They are so adorable! My daughter would love them!

  55. awe, sweetness! love the lavender! crafty time is here:)

  56. Wow! All of your work is absolutely amazing!! I think my favorites are the Girl Bunny Doll, Autumn Harpist, and the Fall Fairie Queen! But all of them are truly wonderful! You can see the love that was poured into each one!

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