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Staging the Weather

Last Saturday, I walked in heavy rain to meet friends at a local restaurant. By the time we finished our breakfast, huge snowflakes fell. As I walked home, the snow turned into rain, and twenty minutes later, the sun shone. That afternoon, my family and I got into our car as hail cascaded onto the windshield. We arrived at our destination, and the sun shone once more. I felt as if I were on the set of a stage where those in charge of the special-effects were testing out their new weather machines.

Your children can be directors, stage-managers, and special-effects experts with toys and props from Natural Kids Team members. Instead of electricity, these toys run on imagination.

Armadillo Dreams offers sun, wind, rain, and snow wooden toys:

Weather wood toys by Armadillo Dreams

The Enchanted Cupboard has created a new Sunny Day playsilk for backgrounds:

Sunny Day Playsilk by The Enchanted Cupboard


Birchleaf Designs has wooden playclips to attach silks to chairs or stands (plus a host of playsilks as well):

Playclips by Birchleaf Designs

Enjoy your play!

Farida Dowler lives in Seattle, Washington, USA, home of horizontal rain-showers. She embroiders wool felt dolls for the Etsy shop Alkelda Dolls, and sporadically blogs at Saints and Spinners.

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  1. I absolutely love this!

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