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Book Review: Autumn Story

We got this beautiful book called Autumn Story out of the library the other day.  It’s by Jill Barklem and is part of her Bramble Hedge series.  The illustrations are just amazing and so detailed!

 It begins with the mice collecting nuts, berries, and roots for the winter.  Soon they realise they can’t find their little girl, Primrose.  No one has seen her, not even the mice collecting berries in the blackthorn and hawthorn trees.

 It turns out Primrose was wandering around exploring on her own.  She visited some mice high up in a house in a cornfield.  They gave her dinner and showed her their family photo albums.  Afterwards, she found some tunnels to explore, but got lost.

She finally made her way out, and didn’t know how to get home.  Soon her family and friends walked by, searching for her, and they were reunited.  She was taken home and put into cozy warm pajamas and into bed.


What a sweet book!  Our new favorite pictures to draw are mouse tunnels and homes under the ground!



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Book Review: The Land of Long Ago

In our home we are big fans of author/ illustrator Elsa Beskow.  We’ve been wishing for The Land of Long Ago for a few years now and in celebration of Michaelmas I decided to splurge and get it.  Not one Elsa Beskow book has ever disappointed us.  This one has dragons, a princess, king & queen, a gallant knight, trolls, a mischievous gnome.  Who could want for more?

The story begins with a beloved moss covered log that the children imagine is a dragon.  When a mischievous gnome makes the dragon come alive the kids go on an adventure of a life time and travel to the Land of Long Ago. Both of my boys adore this book.  My three year old even stays for the full reading and it’s quite a long story.

Today as we were walking our neighborhood my son found a driftwood dragon. “Just like the book!” he exclaimed.

He was very excited and off we went to read the book again!