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Tutorial – Needle Felted Toadstool.

This week’s How-To is Tutorial – Needle Felted Toadstoolby Donni, from Fairyfolk here on the Natural Kids Team. If you’ve ever had a chance to check out her blog The Magic Onions then you’ll know you’re in for a treat with a very detailed tutorial that you can follow even if you’ve never needle felted […]

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Autumn’s Orange

Autumn is coming in her full array of colors. Mother Nature has one last burst of color before the great sleep under the layers of white. Here are some more wonderful orange items from the NaturalKids Team.  Autumn Pumpkin by Nushkie    35 inch Playsilk by BeneathTheRowanTree   pure NZ merino wool wrap hoodie by […]

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Thursday Treasuries

We have a few new treasuries to share. Be sure to click on the links to find these great items on Etsy! Natural Star gives us a little taste of Christmas in this Natural treasury… What is the Natural Kid’s Team?… The Singing Bird gives us some lovely examples… There are also some great examples […]

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Friday Interview with Beneath the Rowan Tree

Today’s interview is with the NaturalKids team member, Beneath the Rowan Tree. Rowan’s lovely silks and toys are all hand dyed and hand painted and she has a wonderful eye for color. Come meet her…. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how and when did you get started with arts and crafts?I always […]

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Friday Interview with Nushkie

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog you’ll know that every other Friday there is a wonderful article on the Waldorf /Natural playroom. (If you haven’t been keeping up go back and read them now ’cause they’re worth your time!) Well today’s interview is with the author of those terrific posts, Nushkie, and I […]

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Instructions Not Included Part 2

Two weeks ago I began this blog topic. It is such a powerful idea to me, that children should be allowed to play without parental direction or instruction, that I decided to do the article in two parts. I am focusing on only one of the ways parents can step back and let their children […]

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