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Using a Peg Loom

Growing up, my parents always gave my brother and I a craft to do for Christmas. My husband and I have taken on that tradition ourselves and this year we got our family a peg loom. Peg looms are a very simple loom design that are often seen in Waldorf kindergartens.  Comprised of a solid […]

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Beating the Flu With Herbal Remedies

All three of my daughters were sick with the flu last week. Body aches, sick tummies, sore throats, coughing… the works! I prefer not to give (or take) medication, when possible, and instead reach for natural and herbal remedies. Some things were concocted from my little collection of essential oils, others from common spices you […]

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Simplicity at Home- Simplifying Children’s Things; Part 1

I’ve heard many parents say that it’s one thing to overcome the clutter in every room of their homes but their children’s bedroom is another struggle altogether. What is it about children’s spaces that feel so overwhelming and out of control? Too much stuff? Inadequate storage? The children themselves not wanting to take responsibility for […]

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