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Kale Crisps


this very long summer … with all the rain and intervening sunshine… has grown a lush garden…



and the abundance of hearty growing kale is turned into a healthy snack …

the leaves are torn into manageable mouth-sized pieces while the thick stalks can be saved for another meal. Wash and dry the kale and drizzle with a tablespoon or two of olive oil . Sprinkle with sea salt  and toss until evenly dressed .

Place on an baking sheet.  Bake In a  preheated oven of 200 F for 30 to 40 minutes and gently turn leaves over if needed once  …


They are ready to eat ….I lost track of time (now was I busy in the workshop?) … so the batch above were crisp, crisp kale, but definitely tasty….. well so that is all.hope you enjoy making and eating them  ….let me know!

reprinted from original post by prettydreamer  from “whither will i wander”


prettdreamer Hello, I am Pamela (aka Prettydreamer).   I am mama to a lovely prettydreamer  of my own.  I am still in love toys,  storybooks and fairy tales of all kind.  In love with trees, rocks, maps and unknown places. And love stumbling upon ideas turned upside-down, folk hands  and honest traditions that run deep. and all the other friendly playful things that function or are simply made to bring joy ….