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For Love of Dolls

This past weekend I got to spend 3 wonderful days with a fellow team mate, Dayanara from Pin Pon. We spent our time crafting, eating yummy food, and watching crazy reality TV. When the rest of the family was asleep D. and I would spend hours talking and crafting.

Free Form Cutting
An Artist at work

Watching her hands work as she lovingly brought the dolls to life was magical. We shared fabric and collaborated on combination of colors, so much fun! I loved to see her work with just an idea in her head… no pattern just free form cutting. Almost as if the doll had already been in the fabric and she was setting it free.

Finished Doll, Miss Kitty
D. dog guarding the supplies

The following day we had great fun setting up a photo shot with the kids. My daughter had the best day getting to do dress changes, she was in princess heaven! The boys and dogs got in on the action  too and we all had a great time. At the end the we all promised to do it all again!!

D. setting up the shot. Swing Top by Imogen’s Garden
Apron by Pin Pon
Rainbow Playsilk by The EnchantedCupboard

Post by Beccijo of The Enchanted Cupboard

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A Knitted Friend Born from Love!

Every child loves to have something to snuggle and love. I still have my first teddy bear a hand-me-down from my brother but my bear was so loved he hardly has any fur left. For my own children I wanted something that was a little different. I didn’t want something born from a factory.

For my daughter I wanted something made with love, something she would cherish and keep forever. I wanted something born from the love and imagination of the maker. Something made with loving hand that gently took some beautiful yarn carefully selected and then lovingly stuffed with the same care.

Etsy is a great place to find such items and Sara was just the right artist to create this toy for my daughter. Words from the artist; “Knitting is my passion – the colors, the textures, I love it all and hope that you do too! My favorite things to knit are animals…” If you don’t know these wonderful toys from sight, then you must take the time to look in a lovely shop, Woolies by Sara.

I highly recommend these wonderful woolies for your next gift giving. Need another reason? Just check out Sara’s feedback to know how much her customers, not just me, love her work. Read what some of her adoring fans have said…

Cutest sheepie I have ever seen! They dont have a button for how positive this sheep is! Thank you so much. She will be loved for years and years :0) she turned out wonderful!”

The best, softest, sweetest monkey! He looks lovely in his purple overalls and he is dearly loved by his new owner! Thank you! The best things do come in brown paper packages tied up in string!!”

He is so adorable I can hardly stand it! He really has so much character, he’s a welcome addition to our home :)”

This is a true and honest product review, all items reviewed were purchased by the writer of this post. Beccijo Neff

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Friday Feature with Woolies

Tell us little about yourself!
I’m an old married lady (lol), with two teenage boys. We live on a little ranch, with two horses, four dogs and two cats. Periodically, we have other animals – various rodents, goats….I really want a desert tortoise. We’re from the east coast, but now live in the wild west – southwest Arizona. I love the wildlife here, and the mountains. The heat – not so much! I work full time for an advertising agency, but have the wonderful luxury of a home office – which gives me time to lurk on etsy all day. Don’t tell anybody!

What do you make and how long have you been creating?
I am a knitter. My Mom taught me to knit when I was a little girl. I used to knit baby clothes, but when I opened Woolies on etsy almost three years ago, my shop evolved into stuffed animals. I can remember saying (a LONG time ago) to my sister in law that I was always searching for patterns for softies. Finally, I found some great ones, and have developed some of my own as well. I also sew, and make some softies at the sewing machine. Everything at Woolies is made from natural fabrics. I’m a yarn junkie, and could easily develop into a fabric junkie. And then I got into jewelry making, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

What inspires you?
I can still remember what it felt like to be a small child and hug/hold my stuffed animals. I went everywhere with them. (I still have one, Lucky, a horse). What a comfort my animals (both stuffed and otherwise) were to me, during a difficult -and  a bit lonely – childhood. I want my animals to provide the same sort of comfort and love to children. My stuffies are all very good listeners – just in case you wondered.

What got you started with making knitted and soft toys?
Hmmm, might have answered that one already? I am a true animal lover. And a true lover of anything soft and squishy (which includes cookies and brownies). It was natural that Woolies became knitted soft toys. And I have my Mom to thank for teaching me to knit.

How long have you been on Etsy and how has it been for you so far?
It will be 3 years in just a couple of weeks. It has opened an entire new world for me. I love it here.

What advice would you have for other Etsians?
If you really want your Etsy shop to be a business that provides an income, you have to treat it like a business. Selling on the internet is a vast undertaking. I do not pretend to fully understand SEO, for example, but am trying to learn. Don’t expect all your sales to come from buyers on Etsy. I recommend reaching out across the world – via advertising – to reach your target audience.
If I could tell shop owners just one thing – treat your customers like you would want to be treated. Excellent customer service is the best thing you can do to grow your business.

What do you hope to learn/gain/contribute from being part of the Natural Kids group?
It wasn’t that long after I started to sell on Etsy that I discovered the Natural Kids Team  – and it was like meeting your new best friends without even expecting it. Like minded women (mostly), making incredible, wonderful, items for kids. From natural materials. Ecstasy. Now that we have our website up and running beautifully, I just want to continue to grow with the team. I was leader for about a year and a half, and I’m very happy to relinquish that role!

What thoughts do you have for parents on the importance of natural toys for creative play?
Children’s imaginations are incredible things. I love to see a child come alive, with a natural toy in their hands. I think a big set of natural blocks is one of the greatest toys a child can have – let them imagine a city or a fort or a tunnel. One day I’ll write a book – Plastic is the death of the human race. (lol).

My items can be found at:
Also several toy stores and online stores.
My blog:

Interview by Beccijo of The Enchanted Cupboard

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Friday Feature with Pin Pon

Tell us little about yourself!

I live and work in the Chicago area. When I am not creating and designing toys and fun stuff, I work at a local specialty toy store, and I am on the Board of Directors of the Cuentos Foundation, so I do a lot of community/art projects around Chicago. I’m single, in my thirties, and own a very spoiled weenie dog (spoiled with love not stuff). I studied art at Columbia College and I was certified in Early Childhood Education through the State of Illinois. I love my family and friends and even though she is in California, I talk to my mom on the phone for hours every Sunday.
What do you make and how long have you been creating?

I design dolls and toys made of natural fabrics and materials. I mostly use cotton fabrics and cotton stuffing. I’ve been creating since I was a little kid. I’m the kid that already knew what they wanted to do when they grew up. I knew it and everyone around me knew it and expected it. Yeah, I was a weirdo….. Still.
What inspires you?
Nature, people, memories of childhood, children. I live on the beach and that inspires me a lot. I love my morning walks, I get a lot of ideas that way.

What got you started working with fabric?
I fell in love with fabric 12 years ago, while in art school. I always thought I’d be a painter or illustrator, that’s what I was studying. I borrowed a friends sewing machine to fix some pants or something like that, then I started making little figures and dolls. I never gave the sewing machine back, I still have it. I was hooked! I not only make toys and such but I also sew installations, that I exhibit in art galleries and shows.

How long have you been on Etsy and how has it been for you so far?
I was a buyer for a year, but I have been selling for almost 2 now. Its been good, could be better, but I’m not complaining, its been good.

What advice would you have for other Etsians?
Join a team, have patience, don’t quit your day job just yet, make and sell things you believe in, pay yourself well you deserve it, ask questions, if you are overwhelmed and can’t think walk away breathe and come back to it, don’t take yourself to seriously (you make toys!), be cheerful and helpful to others, treat your customers well, and please don’t copy me! Just kidding with the last one……but really, be you, trust yourself.

What do you hope to learn/gain/contribute from being part of the Natural Kids group?

I joined because it was suggested to do so on some “Etsy How To” list. I’m so glad I did. Its not only about the networking and business stuff, but I love that I’ve met new friends and warm and loving people, who have the same goals as me. To make and sell quality natural children’s products and make a positive difference in children’s lives. I love being a part of this team! I have learned a lot. I don’t know if I contribute much, but I try my best. that’s what great about this team you give what you can. When I can I go for it. When I cant, others lend a hand and I very much appreciate it….team work!

What thoughts do you have for parents on the importance of natural toys for creative play?
 I chose to use natural fabrics because I have always had skin allergies. It was hard for my mom to find stuff that wouldn’t break me out in a rash. Cotton has always been good to me. Also I learned while working with small children that basic, simple and natural toys lasted longer and had better play value. Children need toys that will help in their development, not toys that will play to them or a distraction. Play with your children, enjoy them, teach them, nurture them. Think of natural and basic toys as tools. They are not junk you throw in a Rubbermaid bin, then put it in the trash later on. Your children are special, don’t they deserve special things, and special time?

Your items can be found where:
Handmade Galleries, Sherman Oaks, Ca
Abby Brown, Chicago, Il
Big Cartel
In bins at my house……..waiting……..for owners

Interview by Beccijo of The Enchanted Cupboard