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thread heaven

Tools of the Trade: Thread Heaven

I told you how my husband always puts sewing related items in my stocking at Christmas. Stockingstuffer item number 2 I received this Christmas was a product called thread heaven. It’s a tiny square jar with some goopey waxlike stuff in it. You are supposed to drag your thread through this substance to keep your […]

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Tools of the Trade: Thimbles

I didn’t know it until just this morning – I am a digitabulist. You may ask yourself: What in the world is that? A digitabulist is what you call a person who collects thimbles. Well, my collection is rather smallish. In the photo you can see all four of them. I keep the 3 useful ones in my sewing box. The […]

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mini vacuum

Tools of the Trade: Mini Vacuum

I have been doing a lot of sewing on my sewing machine lately. As we get closer to Christmas my m trusty Bernina workhorse has to run 4 hours a day on average. I found that one of the most essential tools in keeping my sewing machine clean and running is a miniature vacuum cleaner. […]

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