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The Enchanted Cupboard {Beccijo}


MudHollow {Kelly}


A toy-maker utilizing wood, wool, and hemp. Maker of Mushroom Bowling, My Little Felt World, magic wands and more!


Woolies {Sara}


Animal lover, knitter, Mom and life-long nature girl. Not necessarily in that order. :)

BirchLeaf Designs {Wendy and Mojo}


We are BirchLeaf Designs, located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
We make natural toys from wood and fabric to inspire play and foster creativity.

Visit BirchLeaf Designs

GermanDolls {Ulla}


Ulla Seckler is a dollmaker who was born and raised in Germany. She lives in beautiful Colorado with her husband and two kids. You can find her Notes by a German Dollmaker on her blog where she shares some great German recipes, pictures of her sweet dolls, and life lessons learned.

Armadillo Dreams {Dustin}


Dustin Cowell is a husband and father of two. When not working on his wooden toy business Armadillo Dreams, he enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, gardening, cycling and geocaching.

Art of Felting {Daria}

I leave in Israel, but was born far away from here, in Belarus, where I spent the first years of my childhood and youth.
I've got married and gave a birth to three wonderful daughters, who inspired me to fulfill my old dream, to become an artist. Searching for a good kindergarten I've met with the Waldorf education theory. Starting doing toys for my kids, which according to the Waldorf vision have to be made out of natural materials, I've discovered a world of felting for myself. I had a feeling that my hands have known this art since ever. After fairy dolls, tale personages, I've started with animals, trying to be preside and faithful to the original.
Crafted in Israel many of my creations left for remote places all over the world. Thanks to them I've met with amazing people, who became my customers. Some of them are collectors, some use to tell stories to kids using felted characters as puppets, some doing animation for a song clip, and so on. Usually we interact via internet, but some of them have visited me in my studio. I feel grateful for there orders which very often open new horizons in front of me and launch new challenges.

Alkelda Dolls {Farida}

Alkelda Dolls is a shop devoted to dolls for storytelling, display, and creative play. Farida Dowler devotes time and care with each doll, and is honored when you decide to bring one of the dolls she's created into your home.

curlymonkey {Emmanuelle}

Emmanuelle is a loving nature mama of 3 who currently lives in California. She is the hands behind CurlyMonkey and her heart goes to hemp and other organic materials. Simple, Healthful and Close to Nature.

Little River Dolls {Rebecca}

Hello! I love making sweet waldorf dolls! Every one of them is so unique with their own cute personalities! I spend hours sewing them and they are filled with love. I am so happy to be able to share them with kids who will adore them also! Hugs!

Willodel {Lucinda}

Lucinda Macy is an artist, graphic designer and woodworker making natural, imaginative original designs of toys, things for the home, functional birdhouses and artwork. These are made to inspire imagination and creativity and love of the natural world. Please visit to learn more:

Harvest Moon by Hand {Ann}

Knecht Ruprecht {Marie}

Knecht Ruprecht is dedicated to one of a kind - artist made Waldorfdolls made from only natural and organic materials for any occasion and for every age.

The Magic Onions {Donni}

I'm Donni, mom to two sunbursts of joy... Kitty, who is 10, and Teddy, who is 6. My craft is needle felting and I have a blog called The Magic Onions where we share our happy days.

ziezoDesigns {Andrea}

Andrea is a mama to 4 and married to her best friend. Based in Kenya and inspired by Waldorf Education & African culture. Visit ziezoDesigns for a taste of her creations or check her blog about living and crafting in Kenya.

outside everywhere {Allison}

Sesame Deed Designs {Casey}

Hi, I'm Casey! I live in Portland, OR with my husband and 2 young daughters. I am an environmental educator by day and create stylish accessories from reclaimed wool and cashmere fabrics in my "free time." I love spending time outdoors with my family whether it's hiking, gardening or just walking through my neighborhood. I try to live as green a life as possible and am thrilled to use only reclaimed materials in my business. Visit my blog and website here: Sesame Seed Designs

Little Acorn Learning {Eileen}

Fair Trade Family {Tiffany}

I love the way artisan work connects me with people from all over the world. My days are spent homeschooling our now 5 preteen and teen boys & being actively involved in weekly homeless outreach and the foster care community.

Handmaiden Canada {Rebecca}

Mama West Wind {Becca}

Becca Thornton is a stay at home Mama of two sweet boys & wife to her high school sweetheart. They are Northeast transplants living in the sunny Southwest. A typical day finds them soaking up the sun playing, gardening, baking, crafting & homeschooling.

Wild Marigold {Jennie}

My dolls and toys are infused with the simple goodness and unique soul of being handmade from all natural materials and much love and care for special little ones!

Sylvia Starlight {Ellen}

I am a mom, a creator, and a teacher for my two wonderful children. I draw my inspirations from the beauty and wonder of life around me. For me, creating is a magical experience to be shared and enjoyed.

Pail and Pie {Brenda}

Jupiter’s Child {Beth, Becky and Gaynor}

At Jupiter's Child we make and sell toys that encourage children to jump, run, and play creatively. We are based in Austin, TX.

Come visit our shop!

brood baby {Jess}

Handmade. Vintage. Organic.
Sustainable Design and Decor

FeeVertelaine {Julie}

Julie Ouimet is from Québec, Canada. She
lives with her daugther, in a little town in harmony with nature.
Creating is her passion, a way of life !!! She cultivates the earth during the warm season
and creates lovely waldorf inspired toys the whole year long…

La Lutine {Sandra}

Born and raised in Europe, now living in Quebec, Canada; mama to a very active and creative daughter; Web developer who enjoys creating items that will bring smiles to the faces of wee-ones and their grown-ups.

Welcome to La Lutine!

mamma4earth {Linda)

TicketyBu {Kristi}

Kristi Ashley is a homeschooling mom of three who spends time in the garden or hiking nearby her Hudson Valley, New York home. She is fabric artist, amateur photographer, scrapbooker and avid reader. Find her work and blog at Tickety Bu.

Team Members of the Past

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Apple n Amos {Amos}

It all started from a tiny seed... In a quiet corner of Connecticut, we create wonderful opened ended wood toys based on Waldorf & Montessori philosophies .

Nushkie Designs {Rebecca}

Wild Maple Wool {Samantha}

    mosey handmade {Jes}

    Jes Anthonis creates things from wool and felted sweaters in her tiny studio in the Maine woods. Her house overlooks a chicken coop, A pond and an old Apple Tree, life is good!
    Mama to two little bits full of life and magic and wife to a Musical Librarian who now teaches French at a Waldorf School.
    When not sewing, Jes looks after a small group of Nursery aged children in her Lifeways inspired playschool.

    Dad’s Wooden Toys {Joshua}

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