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Thursday Treasuries

Lot’s of great treasuries to share today! everyone has been very busy, making great new ideas and showing them off…

here’s one i missed! you all are too busy for me:)

TheSingingBird made this great treasury For The Tippy Toes In Your House

mangopeachwalnut shows us how fun it is always chasing rainbows

and also the beauty of the indigo child

freedomRainbow shows us how adorable monstrs can be, in i love monsters!..

green and white look so lovely in this beautiful treasury made by oritdotandolls

Oh, to be a kid again!.. we will all wish that when we see whimsicalmom’s fun filled treasury…

Treehugger’s Unite! in this terrific treasury from FaerieRebecca

Buzzhandmade says Good Night, Sleep Tight to all of our little one’s…

NaturalStar shares some wonderful Natural Toys

Fine and Fuzzy Felted Finds abound in this cute treasury from TheSingingBird

Let’s go Into the Mist, once again with freedomRainbow

Fall, the year’s last smile will make everyone smile too, in this sweet treasury from buzzhandmade

6 thoughts on “Thursday Treasuries

  1. wow! totally awesome, team!

  2. Wow, what wonderful treasuries and so many of them :). Good team work!

  3. Wonderful work. I understand why naturalkids is so popular. I mean just look at these treasuries! THEY ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL TOYS! Lucky kids!

  4. Oh my gosh–that’s a lot of treasures in treasuries!! Great work to all of our curators–we’re sure to make the front page now!!

  5. Now that’s what I call teamwork!

  6. these look so great! thanks for including us :))

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