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Thursday tutorial: Make dandelion curls

Today’s tutorial is by Waldorf doll-maker Marie from KnechtRuprecht. She also blogs here. With so many dandelions about this time of year, this is a lovely (very kid-friendly) activity.

How to make dandelion curls

I remember when I was a child we made lots of dandelion curls. We used them as little figures and created hairdressing salons for them in the medow or we made beautiful dandelion necklaces using the little curls as pearls.

You will need dandelions and water.

Split the stem with Your fingers.

Put the stem in the water and voila! dandelion curls.

Ringel, Rangel, Löwenzahn,
buttergelbe Scheibe.
Schaust die liebe Sonne an,
dass sie bei dir bleibe.
Pusteblume, blühe auf,
weh‘ in alle Winde,
wehe über unser Haus,
dass dich keiner findet.
Langer Stiel und nackter Knauf,
glatzekahles Köpfchen.
Morgen blühen neue auf,
lauter blonde Schöpfchen.

Here is a new rose Waldorf cuddle baby from KnechtRuprecht’s shop!

5 thoughts on “Thursday tutorial: Make dandelion curls

  1. That may quite possibly be the cutest thing I have ever seen from the plant world!!!
    We are so making these today!

  2. I remember lying in the field making these as a child. Delightful post!

  3. Adorable! The doll to match the flower! I love his/her hair!

  4. What a wonderful post … thank you!!

  5. These are so cute… we will have to remember this when the dandelions return.
    Thank you and warm wishes, Tonya

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