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Tickety Bu Winner

The winner of the Tickety Bu giveaway is



6 thoughts on “Tickety Bu Winner

  1. Many congratulations to the winner

  2. Congrat to the winner and thanks to Tickety Bu for it’s special gifts and special stockings…

  3. did allison claim her prize?

    1. No, she didn’t . Guess I’ll draw another!

  4. who is the new winner? Kristi all your products are a work of art and made with love and a something that is useful in the home and family. I am hoping to introduce the Bitty bu, blankets and diapers to alot of new moms in the area as well as the throws. They are all beautiful, can’t wait to see what you come up with for “Wiles”..I love all the colors, The pink throw is beautiful around you and Lorelai and should be a great Valentine’s item, something with red, navy,green and purple would be great for an idea for “Wiles”, it goes with his art work and play! I think that is gonna come from you and Michael being such wonderful artist and into color and saving the earth! When you feel better let me know cause I got a couple things I want to order when they are in stock, especially that pink throw. I don’t care if it’s a second. If you have third’s, they would make great snuggies for pets. It’s all we can so to keep Bella, Sophie,,Scooter, Callie,Gracie and Dodge off ours throws. We keep them put up. Bella makes sure she shares whitney’s with her. I plan on trying to get them each a second’s blankies for snuggies. Sophie stays cold and wears sweaters and even a coat out side especially outside. Your products were made for the babies, but they are great for the whole family! Thank you for such a wonder product and beautiful art work!

    1. It is username Mjoclark. fortunately, It’s a previous buyer of Kristi’s, so I believe she’s been able to contact her. 😉

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