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Today is America Recycles Day – Let’s Celebrate!

We all know how important recycling is for the health of our families and our planet, but did you know there is an official day to celebrate and promote it?

Newspaper Seedling Pots

All over the country, cities, schools, and groups of all sorts are hosting events that you may want to check out!   The official website for America Recycles Day has all the details and even an event finder.  In my community, I found computer and electronics recycling, the grand opening of a recycling education center and a community college that will be sifting through it’s trash from the day before to evaluate it’s recycling habits.   Click on over to and you can search for specific item recycling – like left-over paint or used batteries.

While at the America Recycles Day site, be sure to take the pledge and check out the video contest and cast a vote.  Here’s a fun one that might inspire you to make some music of your own using what you find in the recycling bins:


What activities will you do to celebrate recycling?  We’d love to know!

Tell us about it in the comments, or send us some pictures!

Looking for some inspiration?  Check out some of our great recycling fun in previous posts:

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  • Newspaper can be transformed into Seedling Pots with just a few folds.
  • This adorable bunny decoration uses up fabric scraps – how cute would some holiday elves be in the same style?!
  • Start gathering little wool bits from your holiday projects to use in the spring activity Blossoms for Birds
  • Friendship Dolls are another great project for tiny bits of fabric and wool and they make a great gift for a best friend!
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  • Use those branches that had to be cut off the Christmas Tree in order to get it to fit inside – make a Door Decoration!
  • A gorgeous transformation of children’s artwork into Bird Ornaments
  • This great Nature Collage project uses a recycled cereal box, but it could be modified to include more!  Instead of using natural items to make your collage, let’s see what you can do with recyclable bits and pieces.  Maybe things you find on a walk that could have been recycled, or a journal of your day illustrated with the actual recyclables used.
  • Make an I-Spy Jar using odds and ends that might otherwise be tossed in the trash.
Recycled Owls



Kelly of MudHollow (aka. MuddyFeet) can usually be found surrounded by stacks of wool felt and piles of wool roving, sewing or felting happily away or she may be out in the workshop carefully shaping a piece of wood and sanding it smooth.  When not absorbed in a project, she spends her time homeschooling one of her two boys, attending soccer games and caring for a small zoo that currently includes:  2 dogs, 3 cats, 9 frogs, 1 turtle and a variety of insects.  You can learn more about her by visiting her at MudHollow or on Etsy.

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  1. I just found a great craft for recycling calendars. I will share it on the NK blog soon!

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