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Tools of Trade: Nature’s Architect Willodel

Did you know there was an architect on the Natural Kids team? I didn’t fully realize it until Lucinda sent me the photos of her materials. Lucinda Macy from Willodel on Etsy took the beautiful photos you see in this post. They are photos of the raw materials she uses in her craft.

Lucinda builds with: rocks, sticks, acorn caps, and many other objects found in nature.

Looking at her photos takes me back to my own childhood. Do you remember going for a walk and finding that perfect little rock that you had to take home as a keepsake? What kid doesn’t do that?

However, Lucinda’s rocks and sticks don’t end up in mom’s washing machine or on a bookshelve. Each prize from nature is carefully sorted into baskets or boxes where it waits to be turned in art.

Please make sure to visit her shop and take a peek at the wonderful items Lucinda creates with these materials found in nature. You can be sure that everything is ressourced with utmost respect to nature.

5 thoughts on “Tools of Trade: Nature’s Architect Willodel

  1. What beautiful treasures! Yes, my own children come home with baskets and pockets laden down with similar treasures. I will have to tell them what Lucinda does with hers.

  2. Lovely post! Makes me want to start collecting and sorting! I just love Lucinda’s work.

  3. For now our little treasures ends up in plant pots… I need to make room for that kind of craft material in our craft dresser.

    Her work is simply magical. I wish I could own every item she makes.

  4. I so want to come play with your supplies! Love your work!!

  5. It is so interesting what you all say about the collecting and bringing home bits of natures treasures–because I also have done that since a being a child and finally found a way to use them everyday! I was so tickled about this! However, a walk in the woods will never be the same as my eyes scan the branches for door arches and chimneys and I can hardly wait to see how big the acorns are each new season 🙂

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