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Tools of the Trade: Useless Gadget

I hope you got some good Christmas presents this year. I am very pleased with my loot for sure. Really, my husband and I don’t give each other a ton of presents. It’s mostly for the kids, right? But he always tries to find me small sewing related items to put in my stocking.

Oh my, this year I got 3 different things. Two gadgets were okay. The third item was a bit of a bust. It was called a wrist magnet by Dritz company. You are supposed to wear it strapped around your wrist while sewing.

I found this thing way too cumbersome. The magnet, though very strong, did not hold my needles very well because there is not enough surface touching, I suppose. Then there was my constant fear leaving the magnet too close to my phone or computer. It could really mess up data I am being told…So why not just use a pin cushion for your needles?

Forget it! I hung it on the frige. Maybe hubby can use it when fixing something around the house – so the kids and I don’t have to be the nail- or screw -holders during the project. LOL

I’ll tell you about the other gadgets I got another day…


3 thoughts on “Tools of the Trade: Useless Gadget

  1. I love this post! So often, bloggers are hesitant to write about products they did not love. Why not be honest with readers? I really appreciate a good cautionary tale!

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  3. I agree, people don’t dare to say anything negative about products. I guess that’s because often they are paid for reviews. I promise I don’t get a penny for any of my reviews. LOL

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