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Tools of the Trade: Wool Carders by Andrea

Today I bring you a cool letter from NaturalKids Teammate Andrea aka ZiezoDesigns who lives in Africa. I can very much relate to her words. Since I moved from the Vaterland (Germany) to the US there has been many a day where I could not find something, may it be  a tool or an ingredient, to make things that I used to make in my homeland. But since artists are clever people with lots of imagination we won’t be deterred…Ever! Here is Andrea’s clever invention:

Andrea writes:

Sometimes you have to make do with the tools that are available to you. This is certainly the case with crafting when you live in a developing country. I live in Kenya, and one has to be resourceful and inquisitive to get a hold of supplies for crafting. Take wool carders, for example, they are not readily available or they may be of poor quality while extremely expensive. I used to borrow them from my children’s Waldorf kindergarten here (who received a pair from abroad), until I ran into a stand at the local shopping centre that sold something that looked very much like a carder: pet brushes. They have plastic handles, they are small, but they work for now. My knot and bunting doll production is limited, until one day I manage to either find a local place to purchase clean carded fleece, or can buy a small drum carder.

Hope this letter made you curious about Andrea’s creations. Please visit her Etsyshop ZiezoDesigns today and see her creations.

2 thoughts on “Tools of the Trade: Wool Carders by Andrea

  1. I use pet brushes, too! I am just beginning to try my hand at processing wool from my own sheep and was advised to get a feel for carding with pet brushes first. I’m sure it’s faster to use the big carders but they work!

  2. I never would have thought of that in a million years. Makes perfect sense though…

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