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Traditional German Kids’ Game: Kofferpacken

As the family is getting ready for summer vacation we make all sorts of lists. We have to make lists for housesitters, lists of last errands, and last but not least a list for packing our suitcase. As we were making our lists I remembered a game we used to play as kids when I was growing up in Germany.

The great thing about this game is that you can play it anywhere, with however many people, and you need nothing – besides your imagination – to play it.

It’s the perfect game for this time of year. Playing it you will train your memory and will make the time pass. As kids we used to play it when going on long car trips. But you can also play it at home sitting in a circle.

The person who starts off the game will say, or if you feel musically inclined, sing: “I am packing my suitcase, and I put my swimsuit in it.” The next person will repeat that phrase and then add a new item to the suitcase. He/she could say: “I am packing my suitcase and I put my swimsuit and a beach towel in it.” The next person will repeat the two items and add a third one. As players take turns, each player must add one item to the imaginary suitcase after repeating the list of previously packed articles.

You can pack silly stuff like a TV or fruittree. There is no limit to the imagination. Younger players can get help if they forget something.

You will be amazed how great your memory gets after playing this game a few rounds. It’s good for old people, too.


Hope you play it this summer and share with me the list of silly items you packed in your suitcase. Save Travels to all of you and your loved ones!


4 thoughts on “Traditional German Kids’ Game: Kofferpacken

  1. Love it! We’ve not got any traveling plans this summer but I know my girls would love to play this game when we’re out and about. Have a great time on your trip!

  2. I remember loving this game as a kid because I was really good at it!
    We also had another version “We’re going to the NoeNoi Island” Where you could only pack things that doesn’t have a E or I in it.

  3. By teaching your kids some ideas on living greener now they will grow up with more efficient habits, and likely will add a few of their own ideas on how to live green and save money in the future.

  4. It’s a perfect game indeed. My kids will surely love it. Thanks. Do you have more game ideas that can be played during travel?

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