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Tuesday Treasuries

We had a bonanza of treasuries over the weekend (cashing in on the new, upgraded Treasury system!). Many have expired now, but these sweeties remain. Go click, comment, and stake out your favorites!

First, from mangopeachwalnut (aka Mr. freedomRainbow), a selection called Handmade Kids, naturally.

And speaking of freedomRainbow, she snagged her own treasury featuring the naturalkids team.

WoolComesAlive featured some of her favorite vibrant items in her treasury, Orange you the cutest???

FaerieRebecca is Feelin’ Groovy in her treasury.

And last, but so not least, the most popular NaturalKids treasury ever! This was created by Haddy2Dogs, and it was her first treasury–can you believe it? Here it is–Hangin’ with my gnomeys!

So, there is was, as promised, a veritable cornucopia of NaturalKids Team treasuries. And some had already expired! We had a lot of features this weekend from the Storque Spotlight to having Amber of WoodMouseLovesWood as the Etsy Featured Seller. Things are just going great for our team! Hooray!

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  1. Woohoo! Go TEAM!! This is awesome!

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