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Tutorial: Repurpose a Women’s Skirt into a Little Girls’ Dress

This week’s How-To is Repurposed Women’s Skirt into a Little Girls’ Dress Tutorial by Heather from Many Skies Mama.

This is the second skirt I’ve found like this – I figured the first one was such a a success that I must be meant to make a tutorial for it. So here I am writing my very first tutorial (bear with me if it’s a little rough around the edges – and let me know if anything isn’t clear ) This skirt has an invisible zipper in the center back which is what makes it work so well – it becomes the back zipper on the dress.

Choose a dress that fits well, and use it as a cutting guide leaving room for a seam allowance. *Or* You can measure your little one and figure out a chest measurement and go from there – That’s not my style lol! What I actually did the first time was to just keep shaving more off the edges with my serger until it looked right lol! Then I tried it on her to make sure (obviously this is somewhat risky, so always make sure it’s left on the bigger side if you take that route ;))

Lay your dress centered on top of the skirt.

Cut using the edge of your dress as a guide, leaving room for a seam allowance and perhaps a little extra for growing room if the dress you are using is a little small (that’s what I did here)

Sew the 2 pieces together down the sides keeping right sides together.
You’ll have something that looks like this :

I hemmed next using bias tape. If you’ve not ever learned the easy way using angry chicken’s no swearing bias tape method then hop on over there and you’ll be find yourself never hemming anything any other way…. I know I know – usually people hem last, but I am not really much of a rule follower 😉

I love bias tape – seriously – if I wasn’t already married I’d be engaged to bias tape.

Love it.

Cut the straps – I just eye balled it and then shortened them later to the right size when my girl was handy 🙂 I made mine a little wider at one end so that I could gather them a little (I’ll explain that in a minute…)
Right sides together, sew along the sides and then turn right side out and press.

Like so 🙂

I wanted mine gathered at the point where they are sewn on in the front. I just basted, gathered, and sewed again, so keep it all stable for sewing


It’s really only a 30 minute adventure to make this sweet dress – and it’s sooooo easy !

I love that I get the zipper – without the fuss 🙂

This tutorial is brought to you by Natalie, of Woolhalla.

Please visit Heather at: where you can see her original post plus a few other tutorials. Heather also blogs on other natural crafts, family life, attachment parenting, and more!

2 thoughts on “Tutorial: Repurpose a Women’s Skirt into a Little Girls’ Dress

  1. This is darling! I have a skirt sitting in a box that will be perfect for this. I'll have to wait to try it though… my 22 month old will grow quite a bit before it is warm enough for a dress like this here in MN… about 4.5 more months! 😉

  2. my little girl is in LOVE with dresses but i can't afford to spend the money on the super cute ones. i've purposely gone through the really small sizes at the thrift store looking for the cute fabric…all because of your blog 😀

    i hadn't even considered making a dress out of a skirt. thank you!!!

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