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Tutorial: “Ruler” Growth Chart

Six and a half years ago I started looking for the perfect growth chart, and never found one. I wanted something that would be durable so that I could track my children’s heights throughout their lives. I have found a couple of them, but they fell apart, and since I’m so bad at recording things in books, I have no idea about the heights of my girls over the last 6 years!
I thought maybe I would just use a wall, but finding a wall that I wanted to track the heights on has proven difficult. We have lived in 3 places since we started having kids…2 trailers and a rental. So there has never been a “permanent” wall where I wanted to start marking.
A few months ago, I was just perusing Pinterest one night (as usual), and I came across this growth chart. It was so perfect I could barely stand it! It’s big, it’s moveable, it’s simple, and it’s beautiful…to fit into any decor we may have over the years! I followed the link to this great blog to find out how to make it….then I procrastinated about 4 months before I actually got around to doing it myself !
If you want to make it, here’s how I did it. It’s seriously easy…otherwise I NEVER would have made it!
Ruler Growth chart
Step 1. Head to your local home building centre and pick up a 1x8x8 board. I paid $3 for mine.
Step 2. Find a saw (or ask your hubby to help if he won’t let you touch his tools) and chop 2 feet off, so the board measures 6 feet long.
Step 3. Stain your wood. I love the “true brown” of a walnut stain, but you can use any that you like!
Step 4. Once it’s completely dry (usually a full day), it’s time to make it pretty! I suggest putting on a great movie or show after the kids go to bed to do this part. A glass of wine makes a great companion too!
Step 5. For this step, you can use a black sharpie, or a paint pen. I used a sharpie because I couldn’t seem to find a paint pen anywhere in town. Using a ruler, mark off the height lines. The are spaced 1 inch apart. I made them 1 inch long, and every 6 inches, made that mark 1.5 inches long.
*sidenote for the absentminded, like me* I found I made way less mistakes when I started at the 1 or 1.5 inch mark rather than at the edge of the board. If I did that, sometimes I went over my mark. Make sense?
Step 6. Time for the numbers! First, I found a great font called DIDOT in our microsoft word for mac program (although there are tons of great ones online too!). I printed off the numbers 1-6 in size 200, then I cut them out….but cut them so there is a square of white around each!
Step 7. On the backside of each letter, trace around it in a fairly thick pencil line.
Step 8. Place the number, with the front side facing up, in the place you want it on the growth chart. I put the 1 at the first 6 inch mark, so the chart ends up being 6.5 feet.
Step 9. With the pencil, trace around the number carefully, with a fairly heavy hand. When you are done and lift the paper off, you should see a slight indent of the number, with a light pencil line to help you trace around it. Use the sharpie to carefully trace around the number, then fill it in.
Step 10. Repeat steps 7-9 for all 6 letters.
Growth Chart 3


Step 11. Mount a sawtooth picture hanger on the back of the chart, and hang it wherever you would like it in your home. If you change your mind, you can always move it!

I can’t help but think of what the chart will look like in 20 years…with all of my children’s’ heights on it, and possibly starting into grandchildren’s heights!

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  1. What a neat idea! I was so sad when I had to repaint the room where we are marking the kids growth. Now this growth chart could be taken down and go with you anywhere. Love it!

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