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Warm Welcome to New NK Members

A warm welcome to all new Members of the NaturalKids team! Please, enjoy this lovely poem written by Josh from Dad’sWoodenToys. No one could have said it better than the NK team bard!

To every new member, may we speak to you?
We wish to thank you for all that you do.

To sincerely applaud you straight from the heart
Your presence on Etsy is an important part.

Even if you sell things that look much like mine
I want you to know that I think it is fine.

For I understand your presence helps me
The more shops there are, the more shoppers there’ll be

If I sell something that no one else does
I won’t draw many shoppers and that is because

People who want the thing that I sell
Will be hard to inform on my own very well.

The more shops on Etsy that look something like mine
The more shoppers we draw when we combine.

When you decide what you want is a car,
Do you drive to a lonely dealer that’s far?

Or do you drive to a special street that you know
Where there’s lots of dealers with a variety to show?

When a restaurant wants to open its doors
Do they look for a spot that no one explores?

Or go to a spot that is right up the street
From several restaurants they know are neat?

Businessmen know what customers like
A large variety is what will spike

Sales for your store whatever you sell
Being near others helps us to do well.

I do not dismay or think I should stop
When I see another similar shop

That is the beauty of Etsy online
Shoppers like choice that here they can find.

To sum it all up we just want to say
We’re glad you are here and hope you stay

We already count you as a friend made
Feel free to call on us if you need aid.

–by Joshua of Dad’s Wooden Toys

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