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What’s New, and, Well Natural from the Natural Kids Team on Etsy

Welcome! I continue my trek backwards through the alphabet to bring to you the most wonderful and imaginative treasures. They are all handmade with natural materials from…yes! the NaturalKids Team on Etsy! This week, we feature wonderful variety of artist from who have one thing in common – they all work with natural materials!

Mother of two very busy boys (7 and 8), Alessandra or “Lala” as they call her, is the creative designer behind the Lala’s Pequenos line. When she’s not fighting off evil empires or chasing frogs out of the house, her days are spent perfecting her designs for the little ones of the world. She wanted to create keepsake items that could be passed on for generations to come. She is meticulous in her search for the perfect fabric and obsessed when it comes to softness. Lala also strongly believes it is essential to be environmentally conscious. Here is her Organic Newborn Noonie in Serene Blue.

Kats In the Belfry‘s creator enjoys making toys kits and more that spark the imagination and inspire creative play. All her creations are made from natural materials: fabric, wood, felt, paper. She strives to make things that feel good in children’s hands, and are just plain pretty. Here is one of her “Pagan People.”

Just Hatched‘s Amanda and Joel are a stay-at-home mom and social worker dad, raising and homeschooling their two young sons in Indiana. “The constant search for affordable, safe, open-ended toys for our boys led us to begin making some of these things ourselves.” Their shop features nature-inspired wood toys and puzzles. Here is the latest… the Wooden Leaf Puzzle

Jupiter’s Child is a small company of three multi-talented, earth-loving women who have pooled our knowledge, resources, and skills to open a business that will, “we hope, benefit you, us, and the planet we live on.” The carry wooden toys, onsies, jumpropes…and this All Natural Easter Egg Dye Kit

That’s it for this week– from noonies for babies to wooden dolls and puzzles small hands to egg coloring kits. This is just a glimpse of the quality and variety our customers enjoy from the fine crafters and artists of the NaturalKids team.

Thanks for joining us this week and please do return again next Monday as we make our way through the alphabet with the letters I, H and G, featuring all the wonderful members of the Naturakids team on Etsy! Til then, I invite you to browse all our wonderful shops.

Creatively yours,
Rebecca a.k.a. Nushkie

3 thoughts on “What’s New, and, Well Natural from the Natural Kids Team on Etsy

  1. Woowee! A great collection!

  2. Thanks for sharing that egg-dying kit at the perfect time of year! It looks supercute! I am excited you are getting to letter G next week. Will it be G for GermanDolls maybe? =)

  3. Great work everybody!

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