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What’s New, and, Well Natural from the Natural Kids Team on Etsy

Welcome! I continue my trek backwards through the alphabet to bring to you the most wonderful and imaginative treasures. They are all  handmade with natural materials from…yes! the Naturalkids Team on Etsy! Today we finally hit the Os!!! There are only three…and then one N…which happens to be, um, me.

First here is the wonderful Orit Dotan Dolls.  Orit is a Waldorf handwork and crafts teacher, doll artist and art therapist. She teaches sewing, knitting, needle felting, weaving, wet felting and wool painting, using soft, natural materials in her creations.

She used to teach at Waldorf schools and at the seminar for  Waldorf teacher training in Jerusalem. More recently she opened a private school where she works with young teachers, children, mothers and grandmothers. At her shop, she offers beautiful Waldorf dolls, needle felted treasures, silk items and hand carved wooden figures.

In honor of Easter, here is her Saint Francis of Assisi Talking with the Birds print reproduction of one of her needle felted tapestries.   

At Oh Happy Day Handmade   you will find art and toys to fill your child’s world with joy and simplicity. They are handmade with care from start to finish using all natural, earth friendly materials. Her goal is to create everything herself, locally, with the smallest environmental impact.

Jessika hails from Canada. “I grew up underfoot in my Nana’s fiber art studio-surrounded by dye, silk, wool and the joy of creating. My collision course with art began there and has been unstoppable ever since. My career path has taken me from directing a rural non-profit, peer-counseling youth street workers, and running a licensed preschool, to operating a high end jewellery design company and now to graphic design/marketing. When I became a mother at 21 I started focusing on art as a way to stay sane. 6 years and another daughter later I am finally able to pursue creating full time. Now my children will grow up underfoot in my studio-while I craft beautiful things for people like you. A perfect circle!”

Part art and part keepsake- custom designed, hand sewn & dyed invites add a bit of artsy, handcrafted whimsy to your party….here are her Plush Art Party Invitations.

Jennifer, who created  ObiMama  is from Virginia. She’s passionate about babywearing and sewing is her favorite way to be creative. “My goal is to make babywearing the norm and not the exception in my community; to get moms and dads into slings that are comfortable, functional, and attractive; and to earn enough money doing this to stay at home with my children where I want (and need) to be!”

She strives to use recyclable or reuseable packaging, eco friendly materials, and…she turns the lights off when she’s not in the room! Here is a beautiful and functional example of her work…the Espresso Linen Ring Sling.

Well, that was a fast tour through our Os…We only have three! That brings us to the beginning of our N shops, of which mine happens to be the first.

I’m Rebecca, a “recovering New Yorker” living in  Los Angeles.  With Nushkie Design,  I strive to communicate enchantment and beauty expressed through the medium of wool.   My goal is to create needle felted soft sculptures, toys and works of art of the highest quality and from natural materials that one can feel…with the fingertips, with the eyes, with the heart and with the soul.   I believe that in our challenging world, going back to what’s pure, simple and childlike may help us find the imagination to make change reality. Here is my Ethereal Spring Garden Maiden

That’s it for this week…. from beautiful wall hangings to customized invitations to baby slings to wool standing dolls…this is just a taste of the quality and variety our customers find from the fine crafts folk/artists of the Naturakids team.

Please do return again next Monday as we make our way through the alphabet with more Ns, featuring all the wonderful members of the Naturakids team on etsy! Til then, I invite you to browse all our wonderful shops.

Creatively yours,

Rebecca aka Nushkie

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