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What’s New, and, Well, Natural from the Natural Kids Team on Etsy

I’m so thrilled to take over the post of highlighting new goodies in the shops of the artists and crafts men and women of the Natural Kids team on Etsy. Please check in here every Monday for recently posted fresh picks from our team members for when what you want for your family comes…naturally!

Here are the first few as we go in alphabetical order….reverse order that is!

Nothin’ here but us chickens! Here’s a fun patten to delight any knitter in the house by Yarnmiracle. “Yarn Miracle specializes in Companion Animal Placement. Each of my animals, large or small, is hand knit with the structure, durability, good looks and charm required in a stuffed playmate. I choose natural, sustainable, humanely grown fibers and fillings to create conscious, comfortable, eco-friendly companions for all ages…”

Woolies is “home of heirloom quality knitted and sewn stuffed animals and dolls. Using all natural materials, always.” Here is Sara’s newest: a delightful hand knit horse…a lovely plush toy for any child.
You can find so many delightful hand knit treasures in her shop!

Here’s what a recent customer said: “Boutique quality and absolutely adorable. I love the all organic yarn and stuffing. Also I loved being able to custom design such an adorable snuggly for my daughter. Thanks!”

Woolhalla specializes in “heavenly all-natural Waldorf & dollhouse dolls and wool felt animals.”

Here’s where the name comes from: “With the risk of being struck by a thunderbolt from Thor… the name Woolhalla is a play on the heavenly home of the gods/godesses Valhalla. When I look out my front window across the lake nearby I can see Mt. Loki, named after one of the Norse gods.”

Here is her sweet valentine dollhouse doll.

Queen of Etsy’s front page…Woodmouse features handcrafted wooden toys and Waldorf toys made to inspire stories. “My toys are made to encourage creative play and their magic is shown best in the hands of children. I love to hear about the stories, personalities and scenarios children invent with my toys!”
Here is Amber’s Wee Wooden House Quartet!


More sustainable goodies from… Wood Toy Shop  is now solar powered! Most of the wood comes from mill ends and scrap from cabinet shops…all the trees are left standing for you children to enjoy! “I am pleased to bring a collection of finely crafted wooden heirloom toys. If you are looking for a gift of lasting value, a wood toy is a wonderful choice. ” Here’s the latest for when your child simply must chat on the phone: a wood toy phone!

Thank you for looking, reading, browsing. I’ll be featuring more next Monday as I work my way back down the alphabet.  Til then, stay healthy, joyful and filled with wonder!

Warmly, Rebecca aka Nushkie 🙂

8 thoughts on “What’s New, and, Well, Natural from the Natural Kids Team on Etsy

  1. Such awesome natural finds! Thanks for showing off my winter horse!


  2. Love those chickens! Awesome!

  3. Cuteness! It's all adorable. ^_^

  4. those chickens are adorable! I mady have to add one to my long list of to do's!

  5. Thank Rebecca! Looks awesome!

  6. Beautiful items as usual!

  7. Those chickens are adorable! Did I just say 'chickens are adorable'?? Must make some soon!

  8. PS Thank you for including my doll-house doll too!!

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