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The Winning Recipe

The winner in the Irish Soda Bread recipe competition is recipe number I. The family agreed that the healthy version wasn’t their favorite, to say the least. In fact they downright hated it. Now I am wondering if they would have liked it better if I had used regular yoghurt? Or maybe they were disappointed about the lack of sweetness since there wasn’t any sugar. There was no fat in that second recipe either.

I thought it looked yummy and the crust was nice on it.

I guess I will have to eat both of the little loaves all by myself. I had some for lunch with pieces of Irish cheese on it. I kind of liked it but since I was surrounded by a lot of negative comments it was hard to enjoy.

If you find a different healthy recipe for Irish soda bread, please let me know. I am game to try again despite the grief that was given to me yesterday.


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