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Wooden Spring Toys

I’ve been busy making lots of new toys for spring, and I thought I’d give you a little background on some of them.  Firstly, one of my facebook fans suggested a flower crown girl earlier this year when I was asking for spring ideas. I worked on it for months until I was happy with it. I love how it came out!  I thought it would be nice in a whimsical little set, but it can also be bought on its own.




I was inspired by my daughters to make these little people. I never told anyone I was thinking of them when I designed them, but when my brother saw them, he said they look like my daughter! I’m so glad he can tell, because they’re meant to!  Here’s the other girl based on my daughter:



Another suggestion from a facebook fan was a bluebird, so I did that one too!  There are now quite a few of my bluebirds in homes around the world, and I was working on one today as well!

IMG_6192 smaller short



Ever since I made my Life Cycle of a Butterfly, I’ve wanted to do other life cycles.  I finally made this Life Cycle of a Frog and it’s one of my favorites!  It sparked a lot of learning when I showed it to my girls.  We ended up looking at pictures online of frog’s eggs, tadpoles and frogs, and then in the next few days both my girls were finding pictures of frog metamorphosis in books in our house!



This next one is another of my favorites.  I love making mommy and baby sets.  I think it started with my babywearing figures, and then I made animal sets, like the mama and baby squirrel, mama and baby hedgehog, and I’ve been just itching to make a mama and baby pig set!

IMG_6843f next


And last of all, I have to show you my ice cream cone!  I’ve was thinking a lot last summer about making an ice cream cone but never got around to it.  Then a couple weeks ago I just really, really, really wanted to make that ice cream cone, so I did!

IMG_6947f short


I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing a bit of the background of my newest products.  I’ve enjoyed telling you about them!  For more photos of them, and to see all my other toys, check out my Little Woodlanders Etsy shop!  You can also visit and follow me at these links:










3 thoughts on “Wooden Spring Toys

  1. Your little girl toy is so darling & that frog set, (squeal)!

  2. OMG !! I’m totally in loove with the frog metamorphosis set…I was trying to think of someone to offer it ot hihi!

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