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Artist Hands Series: Wendy and Mojo

Here are the hands from a mother and a father artist. These hands not only create beautiful handmade children’s toys and wares for your home, they also do lots of hard work!

Wendy and Mojo, of BirchLeaf Designs, live in a cabin off the grid, where they homeschool their two children, collect firewood, dig in the dirt, and haul water. In these particular photos, Mojo is working on the bandsaw, paying close attention to the lines of a playclip. Playclips are such fun! Use them for just about anything, but they are especially great for fort building or hanging blankets in windows in the winter.


Wendy is outside dying a small batch of red playsilks and although youcannot see her hands, you can rest at night knowing that hands are not red! A basket of playsilks is one of Wendy’s favorite toys, as the creative possibilities are limitless.

Please visit their lovely Etsy shop at
to see what their hands have made.

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