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What I’m Loving This Week

Waldorf Doll Toy – …




Blue Mandala Window…


Summer Berries (35 …


Mason jar gift labe…


Boston Beanies Cott…


Blue Trio of Wee Po…




Small Wool Interlo…


Wild Maine Blueberr…


Jewel Box Two Ply H…


Felted Wool Flower …


Blueberry Cheeseca…


Baby Doll – Blue St…


Printed Note Card -…


Shea Mango Lip Butt…


Treasury created by Feevertelaine

Blueberry season! I just love all of these sweet blueberry finds. And for a few more things I’m loving this week;

♥Keeping up with the Fairy Garden submissions over on Donni’s blog, The Magic Onions

♥This beautiful article, If You Give a Boy a

♥A rhyme to teach children to four finger knit

Such inspiring color work! Makes me want to brush up on my own

Make a Hula Hoop Rug. So cool!

Let me know what you’re loving this week!

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Children at Craft

Children seem naturally drawn to handwork, creating. Whether they are constructing caves and houses from mud, drawing, painting or coloring, gluing and cutting paper or stringing beads,when a child realizes they can create with their own two hands something that simply wasn’t there before, it’s such a magical experience and they crave more.
My six year old has recently taken up finger knitting, simple chains for now. I taught her how to do it last year but she wasn’t ready to focus and frequently ‘forgot’ how to do it in the middle of a stitch. She asked to be taught again a week or so ago and now she she sits quietly for an hour more, knitting away. After she gets dressed and eats breakfast in the morning she wants to know if she can knit. So far, she has made many bracelets for everyone in the family and has made long lengths we will tie together for the solstice tree this year. Next we’ll move on to four finger, finger knitting.
When she’s not knitting she and her little sister pull out every craft supply they know they are allowed to have and craft for hours. Currently it’s the thing to do in our house. Paper, glue, stickers, crayons, popsicle sticks, stamps, beads…. It is one big happy and creative mess.
I believe it is there in all of us, this desire to make something, anything. Sometimes not so obvious as the child hard at work with glue and scissors, but it remains. Perhaps it is our own divine nature, the creator in us that drives us to build and shape, and children are so very close to that nature.
Their crafting sessions get pretty chaotic and there are always stickers stuck to the floor and tiny bits of paper shredded everywhere. But in using their hands they’re learning so much. They’re learning there is value in what they can make themselves, they’re learning that if they can dream it they can make it come true. They’re are learning that their world is not built by what they can buy or by what others can do for them but by what they can do and make for themselves. And that the world does not only consist of what can be explained and reasoned but of what they can imagine. When we create, the world is what we make of it!
We will begin our first year of home school this year with my six year old. But crafting will not be taking a back seat to academics. It will actually come front and center this year as I allow her to stretch her imagination like a muscle in training. This creative thinking and concentration will be the perfect foundation for later studies.
Let them craft! They will amaze you with what they come up with.

Article by Julie of This Cosy Life

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Knitting a Community

Every Tuesday my mom and I go to meet up with our knitting circle. It consists of a group of six ladies, more or less. Most weeks it’s not all six of us. We each have our families and responsibilities that keep us away some of the time.
Nancy is a senior citizen and she has been pre- diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease. Her speech is labored and she is often difficult to understand. But it’s well worth it to listen closely. She is so full of life. Makes one think the ‘Golden Years’ really are the best years of our life!
Tammy and my mom are about the same age, have grown children and grandchildren. They’re both so full of wonderful advice for a young mother like myself. Tammy is an avid knitter but my mom is just learning. I try very hard to remain patient!
Katy is a little younger than those two. She’s a single woman, no children but loves her dogs like they are her children! She’s very crafty and sews tea towels for her little Etsy shop. Katy is moving to Wilmington North Carolina today, to be near the beach. She will be missed.
And then there is myself and my friend Alison. We’re both mothers in our 30’s. She’s married, I’m separated. She sews handbags and pouches, I knit toys. She doesn’t knit.. at all. But she sometimes brings along a project, or just comes and talks and drinks coffee.
And we all talk, and knit (or crochet, or hand sew, or just talk). We talk about our families and our work. About fiber and knitting and selling crafts. We talk about new babies and grown ‘babies’ and family troubles. We talk about transitions and longings. About new adventures and old habits and songs we are fond of and contestants on television shows.
We are all different and yet a common bond, a humanity and need for community bring us together… through craft. Through working with our hands and creativity.
In the end, we’ve got a little knitting done (or not), but we walk away with much, much more.

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On Oatmeal

Every other morning (when the hens oblige) I cook eggs and toast for mine and my girls’ breakfast. Most odd mornings I make warm and sweet oatmeal. Mine with brown sugar, raisins and milk. Kaiya like hers with the same plus butter. And Zoe’s is the same as Kaiya’s, minus raisins (raisins, yuck!) And, of course, little miss River grazes from bowl to bowl.

I think oatmeal is such a comforting and hearty way to start the morning, even in the summer. And my little ones love it!

This morning I decided to try a baked oatmeal recipe. I have resisted trying this for some time. Oh, it looks so yummy and everyone raves about it. I really just couldn’t wrap my head around it. I could only imagine it sticky and gooey and stuck to the pan.

Well, let me tell you…
Raw oatmeal, straight out of the box? Not so good… right, River?
No, not so much.
But, this… now this was so terrific. Warm, cinnamon-y, sweet…. like eating an oatmeal cookie for breakfast.
The recipe called for either one teaspoon of cinnamon or one of nutmeg. So, I did half a teaspoon of each. Perfect! We topped it off with a little milk to make it creamy and Kaiya and I put raisins in ours.

Yum! What are you cooking for breakfast?