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Christmas Peg Doll Tutorial

My daughter loves making peg dolls and asked if we could make some Christmas ones.  Here is a photo of one finished, which my 2  year old wanted to be an angel.  It has a ribbon for a ‘crown’ (I think she meant halo!)

What you will need:

1. Wooden pegs or clothes pins, the kind that don’t have a spring in them.

2.  Scraps of fabric

3.  Ribbons, ric rac, etc

3.  Sheep’s wool, wool roving, or yarn

4.  Craft glue

First we took a scrap of white fabric and wrapped it around, with some glue, to be the underwear.  Try and remember to position it so the ‘legs’ are facing the right way.

Next, we cut out a circle of fabric for the dress, with a diameter of 6″ (15cm) and fold it twice.  Cut a very tiny bit off the top.  This will be where you put the peg through the fabric so it will be on the peg like a dress.

Open it up, stick the peg through the hole, and wrap it around, with some glue on the peg.  Make folds in it so it sits how you like it.

Glue and tie a ribbon around the waist, and add some hair and a face if you like!

The angel, playing with the other toys:




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  1. beautiful! I love that red & white fabric.

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